Thursday, 16 December 2010

Very slow going!

Sorry for not posting for a while, however there isnt much news to offer. The GP is proving to be incredibly frustrating; firstly by losing a set of blood test results, and constantly delaying the writing of a referral letter.

The latest 'hold up' is due to the fact that they need to do all sorts of check ups on Jilly this time. We do not really understand the reason behind this, except to, once again, slow down the referral process. So we have to wait until January to both go along to see the locum GP dealing with us. We have attended all of our appointments together so far and they have never asked Jilly anything, but after saying they had all of the information they need the last time we were there, they now want us to go in again.

As you can imagine, we are both getting quite annoyed and frustrated, but still determined to continue!

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