Saturday, 7 August 2010

Baby steps

So after having a rather uncomfortable appointment with our GP we werent particularly positive that this route was going to be one worth following. He seemed very unsupportive and spoke to us as though we were stupid. He did, however, say that he would contact one of the gynaecologists at the fertility clinic to ask for advice. I received a letter a few weeks ago, saying that he had corresponded with the gynaecologist and was waiting for a response. At this point we were starting to have slightly more faith in the GP.

I was contacted last week to make an appointment, which we both attended yesterday. We were told that I would need a day 2 fsh blood test, a day 21 progesterone test, a clamydia test and a cervical screening. I have booked in for the clamydia swab, but will have to wait till next cycle for the blood tests, as I am already half way through one, and I am up to date with my cervical screens. Once all of the test results have come back the GP will then start the referral process to the gynaecologist at the fertlity clinic.

So we are very excited as this is definitely a positive step towards making our baby.

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